Help for inventors

Advice, suggestions and links

Had an idea for a new product, not sure what to do next? We are often contacted by inventors in just this position.

We generally ask the following initial questions:

Have you clarified in your own mind your goals and motivation for developing your idea? Usually these will be to generate a financial return, however, they may be philanthropic.

Do you want to be the next James Dyson and set up a company to manufacture, assemble and distribute your product, or do you simply want to licence the idea to a third party?

Do you understand the need for intellectual property (IP) to protect your idea and have you carried out some basic research to see if its been done before? Remember, if you disclose your idea you may not be able to get a patent.

How will you finance the protection and development of your idea?

We are happy to talk to inventors about developing their ideas further and will keep all discussion confidential. However if you haven't yet answered the above questions you should make the links on the right your first port of call.